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RECON Multi-Location Synchronization Engine Software

RECON Multi-Location Synchronization Engine Software


  • $95000

You need RECON for a multi-location environment if you need:

a. the ability to track inventory quantities.  
b. the ability to sell out of multiple locations.
c. the ability to track different sales tax jurisdictions.

RECON allows you to run the location when disconnected from the main location and will synch up with the main locations data when it can. This is a very powerful feature and one of the key limitations to cloud based systems. In a multi-location operation, if your connection to the internet gets cut at the store your business can continue to run without interruption. Also if your internet connection becomes slow, your business does not suffer since all the data is local to the location and so the access is fast.


  • All data synchronizes every 2 minutes by default (can speed up or slow down based on needs)
  • create transfer orders, manage inventory, and change any other piece of information you want for any location.
  • Do not need large server to run RECON.

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