MK2430 Stratos Scanner/Scale

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Honeywell's Stratos 2430 model is a five-sided, in-counter barcode scanner and scale. This bioptic model increases productivity in demanding, high-volume seated and small checkout environments. The Honeywell Stratos 2400 in-counter scanner offers pre-aligned optical-scanning modules and independent scanning planes which promote easy set up, lower maintenance costs and ensure continuous operation.


  • Allows for rapid pass-through scanning perfect for grocery and other high-volume retail environments
  • high first-pass read rate- for accuracy and speed
  • Bi-directional scan pattern for increased productivity 
  • Host interface: USB
  • 1D
  • Scratch-resistant horizontal glass
  • Stands just 130 mm (5.1 in) above the counter 
  • Visual and Audible indicators- blue LED indicator reassures your cashiers with a “good read” visual indication, along with audible beep options.