15" TOM-M5 Touchscreen

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The TOM-M5 sits on a sturdy base and is sealed against spills. It has built-in self-powered USB ports that allow additional devices to be integrated neatly, without extra cables or power supplies. Add-on devices include magnetic card readers, barcode slot readers, fingerprint readers, and rear customer displays.


  • Sturdy base and spill resistant for busy accident-prone environments
  • Resistive touchscreen.  Ideal for retail conditions where clerks can have wet, cold, gloved hands and pens.
  • Built-in USB hub to provide 4 extra USB ports for easy connection to your keyboard, barcode scanner, printer.
  • Screen does not reflect the light the way a glass surface will so that you will have good visibility and reduced glare in high light environments.


Ideal for applications that need a robust retail hardened touchscreen that can take a beating.  Bars, liquor stores, kiosks, and high traffic retail point-of-sale stores.